Main Course

Main Course

January 4, 2019 skeyo 0

Curry Chicken

755 din.

with wegetables and mushrooms

Arabian Marinated Chicken

755 din.

in red sauce with couscous salad

Rolled Chicken

795 din.

in horseradish sauce on celery puree

Marinated Chicken Drumstick

835 din.

with apple puree, roasted vegetables and kajmak

Strip Steak

955 din.

marinated in honey with lettuce and rucola

Pork Neck

865 din.

marinated in marsala, prunes and rosemary. Served on cold potato, mustard and seed puree

Long Cooked Pulled Pork

865 din.

with rustic puree in aromatic herbs sauce

Artisanal Saussages

865 din.

with onion and potatoes and mustard rosehipe dip